Understanding Qigong  Part 1

  • Meaning of Qigong, Chi, bioelectricity
  • How this field is being affected both positive and negative
  • Use of mind, physical movement, breath to move chi
  • Lower Dan Tian as a battery for storage of chi
  • Meditation – Mind is used to move chi
  • Yin-Yang balance, build up of Chi
  • Breath is used to lead chi, bringing chi to other parts of body
  • Inhalation lead chi deep inside body
  • Exhalation leads chi to outer body
  • Moral, intention is used to move chi
  • Bones are Piezoelectric – generates electricity from force
  • Chi can be used to heal ourselves and others
  • Fat is not good conductor of chi
  • Qigong can regulate Hormones 

Understanding Qigong  Part 2

  • Three Dan Tian
  • Brain = Upper Dan Tian – Directs the chi
  • Brain cells consumes 12 times more chi than regular cells
  • Diaphram = Middle Dan Tian – chi pump through main channels
  • Fat is converted into bioelectricity through abdominal breathing
  • Large & Small Intestine = Lower Dan Tian
  • Lower Dan Tian is a battery
  • Weakening chi storage and circulation = weak life force and short life span
  • Every blood cell is a small battery – can store and release chi 
  • Sleep is necessary for replenishing internal chi in body
  • Bone marrow is producer of blood cells
  • Bone marrow washing Qigong can increase longevity
  • Increase hormone production increases longevity
  • Meditation moves chi from lower Dan Tian to upper Dan Tian to nourish brain.

Understanding Qigong  Part 3

  • 29-30 years old, hormone production decreases
  • Immune system increases with strong chi
  • Guardian chi is first layer of immune system
  • Chi body is source of vitality for physical body and mental body
  • Chi circulatory system includes 8 vessels,  12 primary chi channels,  1000’s of secondary channels,  more than 700 accupuncture points
  • Chi flow can be regulated via accupunture points for health and vitality
  • Yang vessels include :  Governing, Girdle, Yang Heel, Yang Linking
  • Yin vessels include:  Conception, Thrusting, Yin Heel, Yin Linking
  • Vessels are resevoirs/regulator connected to 12 primary chi channels

Six Healing Sound Practice

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the five major organs* — heart, liver, spleen, lung and kidney — are each assigned an element (fire, earth, metal, water or wood). Every organ also has an associated sound in which the organ resonates with. By using the associated sound, stale, congested qi can be expelled from the affected organ and be replaced with fresh, clear qi.

When qi gets congested or blocked due to inappropriate diet, poor lifestyle habits and/or weak constitution, it becomes congested and turns into a cause of pain, discomfort or illness. Depending on where the qi gets stuck, symptoms vary. If it gets stuck in the spleen, the stale qi may manifest as bloating, abdominal pain, gas, and/or poor digestion. If it is in the liver, then it might be felt as pain in the lower right rib cage, quick temper, or liver/gallbladder dysfunction. If it gets trapped in the head, then it could lead to headache or illusion. According to TCM theories, badly congested qi can also lead to stagnated blood and blood clot.

The Six Healing Sounds practice helps to move congested qi and allow the body to get rid of it by creating different internal vibrations and pressures within different parts of the body through the inhaling and exhaling of air. In other words, when you make the six healing sounds, you are giving the internal organs a good massage to expel stale qi.



The term “microcosmic orbit” is a translation of the Daoist term for a full orbiting of energy through the front and back body. In Japan, it is called “shoshuten,” which means a “circling of light.” The microcosmic orbit is a way to gather, and channel, all the stray energies in the body, and raise them up from the muladhara to the ajna. An orbit is followed, beginning in the lower belly, circling down under the spine, up the back and over the crown of the head, ending at the ajna. This is the inhalation half of the orbit. On exhalation, the orbit is completed, as energy descends along the front of the body, back down to the lower belly. This activation of energy is a key preparation for many advanced Daoist practices. Through activating the microcosmic orbit, the reservoirs of the Governing Vessel and Conception meridians are refilled, which means this energy is available to all other meridians and organs. This is perhaps the best way to cultivate health and long life, while at the same time preparing the way to a deep spiritual understanding.