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Light Portal – Crystal Lotus Healing

Crystal Lotus Light Portal Ceremony 


What is it :

Portal opening ceremonies are deeply rooted in ancient shamanic heritage of the far east and ancient pagan practices from the west.  The main intention of the ceremony is to connect and bring down higher frequency light from the heavens to cleanse and harmonize earthly energies.

In this healing ceremony we will create a portal of light : a Gateway of light from heaven to earth connecting, unifying and harmonizing the yin and yang forces.  This powerful light portal will be able to shift the collective and individual energies of everyone in the ceremony space.  As a group, we will open and connect  to the highest divine light to clear denser energies from the earth and bring them to the light.  According to ancient Taoists,  human beings are inherently light beings.  In fact, the word for human being in Japanese is “Hito” –  the gate of light.  Essentially as human beings, our job is to remember how to keep our gate of light bright and clear and learning how to remove the dirt and grime that accumulates from daily life.

The ceremony will be facilitated by 3 gifted healers from various traditions and lineage.  As facilitators we will help and guide the group to bring down the light from the heavens and open the healing portal to help clear, cleanse and update the energetic body.  During this process each healer will work on the group as a whole and also individually to open or release any blockages.

Outline of Ceremony:

Duration: 3 hours

Copal cleansing and energy check

Explanation of how ceremony works

Prayer to open ceremony

Meditation to chanting of monk

Breathwork and movement to clear blockages in body

Deep breathwork with shamanic drumming and sound channeling

Energetic healing and Physical touch during breathwork

Closing of breathwork and healing session

Calming down and harmonizing the energy

Optional – 3rd Eye light machine activation (15 min).   For those who want to experience this light strobing, please sit closer to the light and look towards the light with eyes closed.  

Optional – Sananga eye drops to integrate nervous system

Closing prayer

Sharing circle


Additional Information:

Breathwork (combination of Biodynamic and Soma Breathwork):

In order to get the most benefit from any kind of healing work, it is necessary to be in a slight state of trance so that we can shift out of the thinking rational mind and more into the subconscious mind.  Meditation and Breathwork are natural ways to enter into trance.  Breathwork  requires continuous breathing in and out for a long period of time and can be physically challenging.  However we will help to motivate and support you with drumming and channeled sounds.  It’s best to focus only on yourself, your  breath, body sensations and the sound of the drumming and singing.

Physical Touch:

Physical touch can be light, medium and deep.  We will ask everyone for your permission.  All touch is by consent.  We often work on areas of the body that tend to hold a lot of tension and can be painful.  We also work on the pelvis area by rocking the pelvis from side to side.  Please let us know your comfort zone.

Being the Witness to Emotional Release:

We encourage everyone to let go as much as you can, we hold a safe container for expression of repressed emotions and past traumas through crying, yelling, screaming.  It’s good to release and to move the blocked energy,  while the energy is being released, its important to not identify with it.  For example, if there is anger being released, we can also be a witness to the energy of anger moving through and that we are NOT the energy of anger.  We are also not attached to the anger in any way and is a separate from it.

Self Nurturing and Self-Coaching:

Human beings are complex beings and multi-dimensional in many ways.  In regards to personality,  each of us have qualities that could be labeled as of being a mother, father, child, victim, warrior, healer, etc.   According to psychologists, we are able to play all of these roles in different situations and circumstances in our life.  In the light portal ceremony, at various times, we might be experiencing one or more of these roles and the associated emotions.  The knowledge that we can be in any role at anytime is helpful because for example, if there is a hurtful childhood memory arises, we can first release it through the breath, body movement and sounds.  Then we can consciously separate from hurt and call upon the role of the mother or father and with unconditional love of the parent to help the wounded child.  We can send unconditional love to the little child that was hurt by putting our hands on our hearts and to coach and guide the child to overcome the hurt.  

Sensation of Pain in deep tissue work:

According the latest research in the Neuroscience, Pain is in the Brain.


Eye drop:

Sananga eye drops is a powerful plant from the Amazon that is used by hunters to clear and increase their inner vision for hunting.

Light Portal Healing Sangha:

Our light portal ceremony has become a platform in which those who have healing abilities are encouraged and supported to share their gifts.  We have an organic process of onboarding to cultivate and nurture these healing gifts.  If your healing abilities start to manifest and interested in how we can support your growth, please let us know.

Tien Nguyen

Tien is the founder of Crystal Lotus Healing Center with over 25 years’ experience in meditation, yoga and healing.  He has traveled and lived in a number of countries for extended periods of time.  5 years in India, 4.5 years in China, 5 years in Australia, 2 year in Central and South America, 5 years in South East Asia.

Tien has studied Taoist and Indian Yoga, Tai chi, Medical Qigong, Chinese Medicine, Western and Thai Massage, Reiki,  Thai Buddhist Shamanic practice –  Trained at NamJam Buddhist Shamanic healing center for 9 months working with portal opening and traditional Thai spirit work, Mitakara – Japanese shamanic practice, South American Shamanism, Music and Sound Healings, Berkeley Psychic institute (Graduated from 1 year Clairvoyant program),  Head  facilitator for innerdance facilitators facilitator group on ko-phangan, EFT tapping. 

Ina Rifai

Ina was born in Bogor (Indonesia) in a family of many generations of traditional spirit healers.   Ina was initiated into her family healing lineage since childhood and was gifted with the special ability to see and communicate with the spirit world.   Ina works with her spiritual Guide Nyai Siti Jenar (a muslim sage with healing powers) and the white Tiger animal guide.   Ina offers individual private session work.
Whatsapp : +62 819 0860 four four six nine

Jose Luis Jimenez

Jose is from  Tenerife, Spain, Yoga Teacher ERYT500 and founder and inventor of FlyHighYoga. Currently living in Bali (Indonesia) teaching Yoga at the Yoga Barn.  
Jose was trained as a Mystic Healer from the Golden Ray Self Realization School in 2005, and deepen in his spiritual practice at Ramana Maharshi Ashram (India) for 5 years.  Jose graduate from Crystal Lotus Shamanic Training program with top honors and has been assisting Tien in various shamanic and healing ceremonies in Bali and Mexico.

Jose and Ina are offering private sessions
Whatsapp : +62 821 6735 four three nine three

Guest Healers

In addition to our core group, at various times we invite guest healers to share their gifts.